Not So Casual Friday

Mar 20, 2020 | Blog, Casual Friday

Seems like everything is about COVID-19, and most of that is not encouraging. Nothing casual about that. I am convinced that, if we really knew the forces arrayed against us spiritually, we would take spiritual health even more seriously than we take physical health these days. But we are not ignorant of the enemy’s tactics, nor are we helpless against them. Using resources like these will help you help missionaries stay healthy long after the corona virus has evaporated from the news.


Shepherd Care

(How the Great Shepherd cares for his own)

In spite of appearances to the contrary, God is still on the throne. For multitudes of missionaries (perhaps most) everything is up in the air: travel plans, visits, ministering in their communities, events… There is a lot that is unknown at this time—and that includes the unknown possibilities of how God is going to deal with all of this. Manuel Scott has written an article about our God who works behind the scenes. I think it would be encouraging for all the missionaries you know.


What is a gospel grammar? And how does it relate to the crisis of concern that has gripped our world? How does the Father work through the Son to facilitate spiritual growth? Scott Shaum offers this “grammar” lesson.


Self Care

(Good spiritual hygiene for global workers)

Trauma brain. It’s a thing, and the current world scene is a ripe environment for it. How does one avoid it? Sarita Hartz has some excellent suggestions in this very informative article based on neuroscience. Forward this to everyone you know, especially missionaries.


Sender Care

(Resources to help sending churches care for their sent ones)

Do you know an MK who will not be able to graduate as planned? How about anyone going to college or university and been asked to leave campus? Michele Phoenix, MK advocate and fellow TCK, offers some insight into how they might be feeling, and what you can do about it.


Here is something you can do “from home” to expand your knowledge and skills in missionary care. Member Care Foundations will cover topics like resilience, self-care, church care and more in daily, 20-minute sessions. And it’s free. Starts on Monday, March 23.


How can you care for your sent ones during the current crisis? The folks at Upstream Collective will be hosting a webinar on the subject on Monday, March 23. While you are on their page, check out the other two webinars coming up soon.


Professional Care

(Professional level help)

For obvious reasons, all events at Baan Sabai Lodge (Recalibrate! debriefings, debriefing training, guest hosting) are on hold until further notice.

Much has been written about TCKs, but not so much about raising them. The folks at TCK Training are changing that. They have workshops, training events, a blog, and downloadable resources, among other resources. There is much available here that would benefit you in your interaction with TCKs, and you should tell every missionary parent about this as well.


Debriefing is one of the best things a missionary can do for themselves while going through a transition, especially if it has involved a lot of unexpected elements that are corona related. The folks at Barnabas, International will be hosting two more opportunities in 2020: Interlude will be held in June, and July. Check here for more information. You may want to begin planning now to send your favorite missionary to one of these—your gift to them.


It’s not too early to start thinking about re-entry programs for MKs—like Reboot. (Check out their introductory video.) They are still planning to host their program this summer, Lord wiling. Who could you sponsor?


The folks at Thrive Ministry will be hosting 4 retreats this year: Colorado (USA), Croatia, Brazil, and South Africa. Did you know that you can volunteer to help staff those retreats? And did you know that you can sponsor someone to attend? Learn more here.


Book Recommendations

(Useful titles to have on your m’care bookshelf)

Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care “is intended to empower churches…to reduce the attrition rate of missionaries by encouraging them and helping to develop their resilience.” Perfect for mission committees to work through together.


As always, thank you for caring enough to stop by and for allowing God to use you in the lives of harvest workers all over the world.