A debriefing group event

What is debriefing?

Missionary debriefing is a relational and intentional process that provides an opportunity for a missionary to tell their story—by verbally processing past and recent events from their point of view, complete with their emotional responses at the time and since then. (Jeff Jackson, Shepherd’s Staff)

Why debrief?

Life on the mission field is a complex mix of experiences: good and bad, invigorating and exasperating, praise worthy and regrettable. In the words of Michele Phoenix, one of our facilitators, such experiences’ “potential to harm can be defused and their capacity to enhance can be released” through a good debriefing experience.

Why group debriefing?

Group debriefing provides a unique and extremely effective community experience for missionaries. A group debrief allows the participants, whether a couple, single, or family, to debrief their own story within a safe and understanding community where they are free to talk, process, and respond.

Why Recalibrate! group debriefing?

Recalibrate provides an environment where experienced facilitators (who have lived on the mission field) are eager to hear the missionary’s story. And they’ll be surrounded with people just like themselves who have weathered many of the same storms. At Recalibrate! they will be encouraged and equipped for moving forward in their ministry.

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