Refresh and realign

Who needs debriefing?

The short answer is: Every missionary. Every person who has served in another cultural context for at least one year.

Why is debriefing vital?

To Reflect On Field Experience

The most predictable aspect of missionary life is its unpredictability. While adaptability is an admirable and important quality, the accumulated effect of coping with the pressures and challenges of the mission field can result in stress fractures — cracks that may go unnoticed and multiply if they are not looked for.

To Transition Well And Prepare For The Future

Investing in a personal debrief – the time and space to rest, reflect, and reassess — will yield a more effective use of time at home, and prepare missionaries for their next step in ministry.

“A good debrief helps you put your experiences into the context of your life. You can relate those experiences to earlier events in your life and see how God is using them to prepare you for the future.”
(Dr. Ronald Koteskey, What Missionaries Ought to Know About Debriefing)

Personal Debriefing At Baan Sabai Lodge

We offer customized, personal debriefing for guests at Baan Sabai Lodge. That would be an incredibly useful and meaningful gift for you to offer your missionary friends.

A five day, six night debriefing package costs $700 per adult, inclusive of all meals and lodging.

Processing our time overseas, providing tools and insights to move forward, and creating space to meet with God all have been so invaluable. (Valerie)

It is refreshing to experience multi-cultural, multi-lingual understanding laced with spiritual insight and encouragement. (Charlie)

This week has been everything and more that my heart and soul needed. And thank you, above all else, for loving us well. (Lauren)

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