Unhealthy scenario #1: Running things for God to keep from running into God

Some missionaries use ministry busyness as a way to avoid dealing with things God has identified in them that need work. This is one manifestation of a “life over God” paradigm that can so easily become a part of anyone’s life.

In his book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero offers some examples of how this may manifest:

  • Presuming: doing things for God that he never asked them to do
  • Manipulating: using prayer as an attempt to get God to do their will
  • Hiding: using Scripture to cover up fear or feelings of incompetency
  • Exaggerating: maximizing their accomplishments and/or minimizing their failures or weaknesses
  • Hiding: using “God talk” to deflect personal scrutiny
  • Selectivity: applying biblical truths to suit their purposes and/or to avoid making necessary life changes
  • Posturing: exhibiting godly behavior just so others think well of them

There a plenty of other examples we can think of, and none of them are healthy.

As care providers for God’s global workers, we need wisdom and discernment from him to spot this subtle malady. And we need even more wisdom and discernment to come alongside those who are afflicted. We want to coordinate with the Great Shepherd’s work in their lives.

Do not assume that busyness is next to godliness.