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Jan 24, 2020 | Blog, Casual Friday

Well, here you go—the freshly redesigned format I promised. I trust this will help you navigate this list of resources more efficiently. The point of sharing these with you is so you can use them yourself and/or forward them to a missionary you care for. So have at it…

Self Care

(Resources about how global workers can care for themselves)

Want to recap 2019 and prepare for 2020? (No, it’s not too late. Most of us are a little behind anyway.) Global Trellis is offering a packet of simple materials to help you take stock and make plans.


Sacred space. Though it may be hard to come by in the chaotic world known as the mission field, it is invaluable to our relationship with the Father. A moment in time, a place out of doors, a hideaway…God can speak to us anywhere. And when he does, that moment, that place, becomes sacred, as Monica so aptly points out in this piece.


Wounded healers. Fellow journeyers. One beggar telling another beggar where to find bread. There are plenty of metaphors for describing cross-cultural workers. Rachel Pieh Jones chooses the word broken—and for good reason. Biblically speaking, it is when we are weak the we are strongest. This article is a good reminder of that truth.


Transition is often messy—physically and emotionally. So how do you deal with the mess? Gina Butz (a veteran transition-er) has some ideas. And don’t miss the announcement about her upcoming new book. (I just pre-ordered it myself).


Sender Care

(Resources to help sending churches can care for their sent ones)

There are several good articles in this edition of the Missions Interlink Bulletin. Start with 4 Essential But Rarely Mentioned qualities for prospective missionaries. Then check out the book review of For the Joy. It’s about mothers on the mission field, by fellow by missionary mother Sarah Fleming. Kathleen Keith-Gillon writes about parents who send their children to the field. Lastly, Renette and Rebecca share about what they wish someone had told them about missions work.


Looking for a good introductory book on missionary care? A group of care providers at Barnabas International got together to compile notes on what it’s like to minister cross-culturally and to serve cross-cultural workers. Tender Care – Worth at least twice the asking price of $15.00.


If a missionary your church sent out became engulfed in a crisis, would you be prepared to handle it? That’s the question Jeff Jackson addresses in this very practical piece over at Shepherd’s Staff. Don’t assume you won’t need this.


Professional Care

(Resources for professional level help)

Intensive care for restoration of global workers, debriefing, counseling, member care training—all of these are available from Heartstream Resources. When you need to refer a missionary to professional care, you need to know about Heartstream.


Looking for a place to send someone for debriefing? Paracletos will be hosting 5-day debriefing event February 23-29. Still room for 4 additional people. Email me for details.

Want to be trained in debriefing? Paracletos is offering 4 opportunities this year (March, June, August, and November). Openings for 6 individuals for each of these 5-day trainings. Email me for details.


Who do you know that could use some R&R? Paracletos offers top-notch hosting at Baan Sabai Lodge. Check the lodge website for available dates.


“Are you looking for a time to quiet yourself before the Lord and receive His rest? This is for you.” Safe Place is extending this invitation to attend Ancient Paths Retreat. If you know a missionary close to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, you might want to give them the gift of retreat in February.


It’s not too early to start thinking about re-entry programs for MKs—like Reboot. They have limited space for their program next summer, so early registration is encouraged. Who could you sponsor?


Debriefing is one of the best things a missionary can do for themselves while going through a transition. The folks at Barnabas, International will be hosting two more opportunities in 2020: Interlude will be held in June, and July. Check here for more information. You may want to begin planning now to send your favorite missionary to one of these—your gift to them.


The folks at Thrive Ministry will be hosting 4 retreats this year: Colorado (USA), Croatia, Brazil, and South Africa. Did you know that you can volunteer to help staff those retreats? And did you know that you can sponsor someone to attend? Learn more here.


This looks like a phenomenal opportunity to gain an overall education in missionary care. Frontiers will be conducting a five-day conference in April called CareCon, “designed for pastors, church staff, family members, ministry partners, and anyone who wants to support global workers.” I am now registered. Will I see you there?


Here is another debriefing retreat for you to consider. Excelling Leaders will be hosting their next event February 25 – March 5 in Tampa, Florida. Check here for details.


For Deeper Thought

(Longer reads or chewier subjects for you to muse on)

What is harmonious passion, and how does it differ from obsessive passion? How do these relate to mission work? And what do they have to do with spiritual formation? That’s a lot of deep questions, I know. But I believe they are worth pondering, and Michelle DeRusha’s post will get you started.


That about does it for this week. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this new format. And be sure to stop by every Friday for the latest resources that will help you care well for the missionaries you love. 


  1. Vicki

    My husband and I are Member Care Directors and looking for training for Debriefing. Please send us information on the trainings you offer for Debriefing.
    Thank you!

    • Dave

      Hi Vicki. I am sending you an email reply. Thanks for reaching out!