Casual countdown to Christmas Friday

Dec 2, 2016 | Casual Friday, Fundraising

Well…we made it back from central Asia, but not without some scars. On the fourth day of our two week trip we succumbed to the flu that was raging through our city. And then, three days before our return, we learned that our flights had been cancelled due to an airline strike. God has been merciful. We found alternate tickets, we are nearly over the flu, and I mustered enough energy to round up some resources for you this week. Enjoy them in good health.

What is member care?

You may hear this term used in the missions community and wonder what it means. Originally is was coined to represent the care provided by sending agencies to its members. It is perhaps not the best term because it may imply that only agencies are responsible to provide. This post by Jessica Hulbert, a missions coach at TEAM, offers a broader understanding.

Characteristics of missionary encouragers

Want to be the type of person that missionaries love to spend time with? Jeff Jackson describes such a person.

Simple solutions can be the best

For all the maxed-out, stressed-out, burned-out global workers out there who are hanging by a thread: Cindy Wright has some excellent advice. As a missionary advocate, you need to regularly encourage your friends to power down.

The best Christmas gift idea ever?

Soul care. It’s what every missionary needs, but few know how to implement. Stephen and Gwen Smith (at Potter’s Inn) have an incredible self-guided course that every missionary should own. And that means that you have an excellent opportunity to provide it to those you know and love.

The perpetual challenge

Fundraising is not something a missionary can do once before heading for the field and then forget about it. It is a never-ending scramble to acknowledge current donors, find new ones, and replace those who drop off. Dave Grissen is offering his Dynamic Partnership Development package for an incredible $29. For a limited time. For the cost of a couple of lattes you could bless your missionary friend with this valuable tool.

Navigating re-entry

Many missionaries will tell you that returning to their passport country can be even more stressful than going overseas. Dr. Ron Koteskey has prepared a helpful e-book that will help prepare those who are planning to repatriate. Having just spent two weeks ministering to folks in that category, I can tell you this material will scratch where they’re itching.

Creative companionship

Virtual relationships will never be as good as the real thing, but sometimes they can be extremely helpful. Denise explains in her post about being alone. You can be one of these people!

That’s it for this week. I trust that, even as you enjoy all that the season has to offer, you remember that your friends serving overseas will likely not have access to the things that would normally make the season special for them. Pray about you you can help fill the gap, and as always…thank you for caring.

What I’m reading this week:

  • Seeker of Stars, by Susan Fish
  • Kneeling in Bethlehem, by Ann Weems
  • 25 Days of Advent
  • You Are What You Love, by James Smith
  • Moments With the Master, by Ken Gire
  • Called to be Saints, by Gordon Smith
  • Creek Mary’s Blood, by Dee

Just finished:

  • The Gift of Christmas Present, by Melanie Carlson
  • It’s My Pleasure, by Dee Ann Turner
  • Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist
  • Autumn: A spiritual biography of the season, edited by Gary Schmidt & Susan Felch

Up next:

  • Seven Days That Divide the World, by John Lennox
  • Delighting in the Trinity, by Michael Reeves