Dealing with change

Few things are static throughout a missionary’s career. Moves between countries, cultures, and languages are common experiences. New locations, coworkers, and job descriptions. All of those transitions can take their toll.

Here are some resources to aid you in assisting missionary friends through the transitions they will navigate and help minimize negative effects.

Casual Short And Sweet Friday

Short and sweet this week. We’ve had a very full guest load and little free time for scouring the internet. But I trust that these few links will be of some use to you in your ongoing efforts to improve your missionary care skills. LIFE ON THE FIELD An alternative to...

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Casual Friday

Well, we’re back from our month of travels. The worst part of being gone is digging out from under the backlog when you return. But the good part is we have a ton of resources to share with you this week. So without further ado… LIFE ON THE FIELD Michelle Gielan...

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Casual Friday Missionary Care Resources

I honestly get excited every week, as I am compiling these resources, to think that there are people like you who will be using them. Here are 15 practical ways that you can help missionaries stay on the job. EVENTS Midwest Conference on Missionary Care: Hard Pressed...

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Casual Friday Bonanza

Wow…where to start? So much good stuff out there this week. I’ve tried to narrow it down a bit for you. Plenty of ways for you to add to your skill and knowledge in caring for missionaries. (Maybe a good way to make use of enforced indoor time due to ice storms and...

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Casual New Year Friday

Few of us are immune to the irrational urges that accompany the turning of the calendar pages from one year to the next. There is something hope-inspiring about a fresh batch of weeks and months in which to pursue our goals. One of my goals for this year is to become...

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Casual Friday: Be the gift

Well, it’s that time of year already. Halloween is over and Christmas is upon us…or so it would seem. Rather than bemoan the fact that everyone seems to be jumping the gun, why not start planning now for how you intend to bless the missionaries in your life. You’ll...

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