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We can easily say that our missionary friends are persistent and care about their ministries. But are they thriving? Too often global workers are working hard in their ministry but spending little time to recharge spiritually. How can you and I, as advocates to nurture spiritual growth, extend hope, and inject courage?

In His life on earth, Jesus demonstrated a pattern of work and rest, of ministering and of spending time alone with the Father. As followers of Christ, and coworkers in ministry, missionaries need the same balance of rest and work.

These resources are here to inform and equip you to become engaged with your friends on the mission field. To help them thrive.

Casual Short And Sweet Friday

Short and sweet this week. We’ve had a very full guest load and little free time for scouring the internet. But I trust that these few links will be of some use to you in your ongoing efforts to improve your missionary care skills. LIFE ON THE FIELD An alternative to...

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Casual Friday

Well, we’re back from our month of travels. The worst part of being gone is digging out from under the backlog when you return. But the good part is we have a ton of resources to share with you this week. So without further ado… LIFE ON THE FIELD Michelle Gielan...

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Major Causes for Attrition: Conflict

Conflict with co-workers is often cited as the number one reason for unnecessary missionary attrition. Most every missionary will experience conflict at some point in their career. Not just minor differences of opinion that must be tolerated, but gut-wrenching...

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