The heart of the Great Shepherd is consistent. His care toward each of his sheep is the same in essence toward every one of them, though the specific details will vary.

When we allow him to manifest himself through us, we should not expect our work to look like that of every other under-shepherd. That is not proof that we are re-presenting the Shepherd. His heart is not expressed through templates but through persons.

What we should expect is a certain uniformity. His fingerprints should be all over everything we handle. The essence of his lovingkindness, acceptance, grace, mercy (the fruit of the Spirit) will always be part of the mix. It will simply have the extra ingredient of our gifts and personalities.

I believe the Great Shepherd hand-picks the individuals we wants to work with in providing care for individual sheep. Custom-fit to achieve the greatest impact. When he chooses us to be his co-shepherd toward a certain person, it is not because of our skills or knowledge or training (though he certainly will make use of those). He choose us primarily because of the “flavor” we will add (which often results in his corrective care being more palatable).

It may be our hands that he uses, but it is his fingerprints that leave an impression.