How do you gauge the results of your shepherding efforts? What criteria do you use to determine if your work has been efficacious?

Judging by the health of your sheep, how effective do you think your shepherding efforts are? Do you find yourself consistently getting the same less-than-hoped-for results?

As a result of your ministering, are they more in love with the Shepherd? More like him? More responsive to his voice?

What metrics do you think the Shepherd uses to determine if his work has satisfied the desires of his heart?

These questions are well worth asking. To continue doing the same things while expecting different results is one definition of insanity. As an under-shepherd, the most valuable and effective thing you can do is to abide in the Shepherd – to remain responsive to his initiatives in your own life. You cannot pass on what you do not possess.

Perhaps a little recalibration is in order. Not only of yourself, but of your tactics. If you are not seeing the results you believe the Shepherd would like to see, remember this: your system is perfectly designed to produce the results you are getting.