Major Causes for Attrition: Insufficient Support

Apr 14, 2015 | Financial Issues, Fundraising, Missionary Care, Thriving

It is obvious that missionaries cannot carry out their ministry without money. What does it mean for us to be their partners in ministry?

If, for whatever reason, they find themselves under supported it can be nearly impossible to raise funds while on the field. I know of several who ran up such a debt that they were forced to leave, and once that happens it can be all too common for them to quit.

But what if we didn’t expect missionaries to do all the work?

If we are truly their partners in ministry, should we not share at least part of the burden of ensuring that the mission is fully funded? Are there not some things we can do on this end to help fill the gaps when one source of income is lost? Or when special needs arise, or special opportunities present themselves?

On another note, are we content with allowing them to go the field with less than full support? Which part of their budget are we willing to shortchange? Their medical insurance? Their vacation fund? Their retirement or savings or tithes?

Sure, no one can do a better job of articulating their vision than missionaries themselves. They can and should be the key players in any support raising strategy. But if we want to avoid the potential attrition that comes from insufficient funding, we need to accept our responsibility.

That’s the true meaning of partnership.


(Check back tomorrow for more about providing adequate support.)