To be desired, to be pursued, to be wanted – I don’t really know anyone who does not want that.

Then why do I find it so difficult?

In this world, there is always a concern about why we are wanted. What’s the catch? The fine print? What will it cost us to be caught? We are accustomed to a love that is  utilitarian: people are willing to give, but only if they get something in return.

And then there’s the issue of privacy. There are times when we really don’t want anyone paying attention to us. Like when we mess up. Or when we want to do something unsavory without being caught. (Have you ever noticed how many more mistakes you make typing when someone is watching you?)

The Lover of our souls could not possibly know more about us than he does, yet he could not possibly love us any less, less-utilitarian. He needs nothing from us in return, he simply desires our fellowship. He delights in having people on whom he can lavish his lovingkindness. I don’t need to worry about the fine print; there isn’t any.

If I am so loved, how might I see others? Certainly not as competitors, potential usurpers. If the Father has chosen to make me an object of his affection, how should I interact with the myriad others who share his affection?