God has designed the body of Christ in a way that every member is vital. There are no insignificant players, no reservists, no second string. Everyone has a strategic role to play. And when we’re hitting on all cylinders, the entire church is built up (see Ephesians 4).

God has also put his family together in such a way that every son and daughter has a place in his heart no one else can fill. He does not love anyone any more than anyone else. Missionaries are not his favorites; you are not extraneous.

God has created a unique entity in which each and every member is a priest, with permission and ability to re-present him to the world, and to function as his emissaries to one another in the body of Christ. There is no clergy-laity distinction in his view.

So – the idea that there may be some who have nothing to offer in the realm of missionary care

– who do not have permission to offer what they do have

– that is a debilitating misconception.

It contradicts the realities of what God has contrived, and it robs his sent-ones of the care he intends them to receive through you.