Funding your ministry effectively

Missionaries understand the necessity of raising funds for their ministry, but are often perplexed by the challenges of communicating their needs.

Knowing How To Ask

Fund raising doesn’t come naturally to most, and many missionaries who are comfortable and passionate preachers stumble when it comes to talking about their ministry’s finances.

Competing Priorities

The time and energy devoted to fundraising can lead to feelings of frustration when weighed against the needs of the missionary’s primary ministry.

Changes In Support And Need

A missionary’s support status or the types of support available can change, especially during economically tough times. As their ministry evolves and changes, new needs arise that affect their recommended level of financial support.

Other Commitments

A missionary returning from an overseas assignment with a limited time frame may find fundraising stressful. The combination of transition, limited time, and the demands of presenting updates to supporters can pile up.

Overcoming Fundraising Challenges

We’re pleased to offer communication and development tools that can assist missionaries. As seasoned counselors we can help meet these challenges through our experience and training.

Tools For You, The Supporter

Knowing how to help a missionary raise and maintain support requires some savvy and understanding of the challenges involved. Here are some resources and links to get you started.

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