What people are saying about Paracletos

God has graciously used Paracletos to come alongside hundreds of missionaries representing multiple organizations in dozens of countries. Here is what some have had to say about our interaction.

“We never imagined we could have asked so many questions and presented so many difficulties of life, family, relationships, ministry issues, and one after another have them addressed with practical wisdom.”

“You have welcomed and cared for me as if you were welcoming Christ himself.”

“We highly value your experiences, resources, and wisdom on many topics.”

“Every now and then you meet people who are very comfortable to be around, and you two are definitely in that category!”

“It is a blessing to talk with people who truly understand the joys and challenges of missions. Thank you for what you do—you make a difference for many people.”

“Thank you so much for being available to Him so that He could use you, work along with, and through you to see His work accomplished in our hearts.”

“It is apparent that God has gifted you with this ability to care for ministry staff. Thank you for sharing that gift with us!”
Dan & Heather

“It was a joy to discover words and tools to process our situation as changed by the grace of God, equipped to serve and valuable to the local church and the Body worldwide.

“May God bless and expand your ministry to we cross-cultural workers, as it is so vital.”

“Thanks for all the insight, tools, and affirmation. We so appreciate your listening and honesty.”

“Thank you for ministering to us this week! Processing our time overseas, providing tools and insights to move forward, and creating space to meet with God all have been so invaluable.”

“It is refreshing to experience multi-cultural, multi-lingual understanding laced with spiritual insight and encouragement.”

“I appreciate the time you took to listen and the advice you gave for support raising and for life overseas.”

“You have a very important ministry here and it has encouraged us as we move more into our own member caring roles.”

“You have the gift of making each person who comes feel accepted and loved—and equally paid attention to.”

“Thank you for being pastors to me in my pastorlessness and for allowing me to pour out my heart and tears and for receiving them with compassion, love and gentleness.”

“This week has been everything and more that my heart and soul needed. And thank you, above all else, for loving us well.”

“Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement, and love. I am walking away feeling refreshed, validated, and loved.”

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