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At Paracletos we have a genuine passion for helping missionaries thrive, both in their field of ministry and during times of transition and assignment.

Our team understands the challenges missionaries face, like:

  • Discerning a calling
  • Preparing for ministry
  • Building a support network
  • Maintaining good spiritual health

Dave and Irene Lewis have over 35 years of missionary experience, devoting 15 of those years to missionary care. Their missions background includes training, mobilizing, support, and indigenous church planting. Their passion for missionary care began when they were missionaries themselves, and encountered many of the difficulties that drive missionaries from their field of ministry. Through Paracletos, they help equip people for the ministry of caring for missionaries, and provide debrief and retreat opportunities at Baan Sabai Lodge and other locations. They received training in debriefing through MTI’s CODAR* program.

Lori Morley has over 19 years of missionary experience. This followed her teenage years as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea where her parents were missionaries. When Lori returned to PNG as a missionary she lived in remote areas as part of a church planting team, taught adult literacy, and assisted with Bible translation. Later as a literacy consultant, her travels took her to diverse areas and mission situations. Getting to know a variety of missionaries prepared Lori to see the common challenges that missionaries face, as well as the individual differences in each missionary’s situation. Lori now lives in Michigan, and uses her gifts, experience, and training to encourage missionaries to stay spiritually and emotionally healthy so that they can thrive in their ministries. To that end Lori also completed the MTI CODAR* program.

*Missionary Training International, CODAR (Consulting on Debriefing and Renewal)

We’re passionate about sharing what we have learned and continue to learn. If you’re looking for information or insights, we’d be honored to talk with you.

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