Shepherding is not a mechanical endeavor.

We can have all of the right characteristics (proactive, predictive, practiced, prepared…), all the right protocols, all the right policies and procedures…

But if we do not have the right people, none of the rest matters. And by “the right people,” I mean those who abide in the Shepherd in a way that compels them to join in his shepherding work.

They do not engage because they are told to. They do not offer care because somebody has to do it. They are not thrust into the work because of external forces; they are drawn into the work because of internal compulsions.

They are responsive to the life of Christ within them. They are being transformed by him so as to be able to re-present his heart.

As a result, they will lay down their life for the sake of the sheep. They will face any foe, tackle any obstacle, pay any price because the life within them will not be denied.