Casual Short And Sweet Friday

May 26, 2017 | Casual Friday, Thriving, Transition

Short and sweet this week. We’ve had a very full guest load and little free time for scouring the internet. But I trust that these few links will be of some use to you in your ongoing efforts to improve your missionary care skills.


An alternative to summer trips to the passport country? Ashley Felder talks about their family chose that option, and why it was challenging. After you read this, think about how you might make it easier for a family you know that chooses to stay.

Much is said about why people leave the mission field. Ever wonder what makes some stay? Kelly Delp talks about the hard truth.

You may not realize it, but missionary work requires quite a bit of creativity. Trying to understand new languages and cultures, and then trying to come up with the best way of communicating the gospel within those cultures—that takes creativity. And creativity requires nurture—something that may be overlooked in the daily grind of missionary life. Christina Baird has some ideas that can help you stimulate and nurture creativity in your missionary friends.


Sometimes it’s hard to even want to be back in the U.S. Craig Thompson explains.

It is impossible to describe the shock of return. M’Lynn Taylor uses that quote to make her point in this piece about returning from the field. Read this; it may help you understand what some of your missionary friends grapple with.

Jerry Jones offers “three thoughts on setting the right perspective and expectations to not just make it through but to get the most out of” being back in the U.S. for the summer. Know anyone you should forward this to?

Jeff Jackson talks about the unique stresses of re-entry. You will want to listen to this. It will help you more effectively come alongside your friends when they return to their passport country.


Know any missionary parents who are looking for good home education resources? Have them check out Learnwell.


As many are preparing to return for a season of home assignment, now is the time to plan for debriefing.

The goal of missionary debriefing is to ensure these faithful servants are REFRESHED and REALIGNED–for the next season of life and ministry that God has in store for them. (Shepherd’s Staff)

Recalibrate! is one opportunity for singles, couples, and families with children age 13 and up. It will be held in Michigan in October, and early registration is advised.

July 9-14 is TRAIN International’s next ABIDE re-entry debriefing for global workers. ABIDE provides 5 days during which participants are able to process their cross-cultural experiences in both group and individual debriefing. Whole families are welcome

As always, thank you for caring

What I’m reading this week:

  • Winston S. Churchill: Youth, 1874-1900, by Randolph S. Churchill
  • Prophetic Imagination, by Walter Brueggemann
  • Breaking the Rules, by Fil Anderson

Just finished reading:

  • The Dip, by Seth Godin
  • Songs from the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms, by Tim Riordan
  • Honeybee Democracy, by Thomas Seeley
  • Blind Spots, by Scott Morton
  • Running on Empty, by Fil Anderson

Up next:

  • Th!nk, by Michael LeGault