Casual Friday Missionary Care Resources

Nov 18, 2016 | Casual Friday

Well, it seems like autumn has finally decided to get serious around these parts. We’ve had temperatures below freezing several mornings now, even though there are still plenty of green leaves hanging around. Time to light the wood stove and put the flannel sheets on the bed.

This time of year draws us into patterns of activity that revolve around holidays, sports, school plays, and family gatherings. I hope you enjoy the season as much as I do. But I also hope you do not forget your friends serving cross-culturally. They may not have a change of weather, a turkey at Thanksgiving, or the joy of gathering with grandparents and cousins. What they do have is an on-going need for your encouragement. Equip yourself with some of these:


Consolation for repatriates

I’ll bet you know someone who will be returning from the mission field soon. Perhaps permanently. Kelly Delp’s words will be an encouragement to them.

You know that even though you missed home, it will never be the same.

You can read them here.


A crucial component of spiritual health

Scott Shaum challenges us with the need for this most elementary of all character attributes. Without this, missionary work will flounder, and missionary care will fall short


The importance of empathy

This brief bit from Seth Godin is a great reminder of how we can really be effective in coming alongside field workers.


God is good—even when the internet is down

Missionaries (as well as we) have come to depend a great deal on modern technology, especially in the realm of communication. But what happens when that technology fails us? This writer has an answer.


It’s not too early…

…to start thinking about Christmas gifts for the global workers in your life. Amy Young offers 22 ideas for starters. I would add Baan Sabai Lodge for retreats, and Recalibrate! for debriefing.


You might be me if…

Ed Lauber gives a great (and humorous) list of things that characterize his life as a missionary. Read this to better identify with your friends on the field.


Next week I’ll give you a list of retreat venues, guided retreats, and debriefing opportunities that you can pass on or even consider as ways to bless your missionary friends. Until then, stay warm…and be the gift.


What I’m reading this week:

  • You Are What You Love, by James Smith
  • Moments With the Master, by Ken Gire
  • Called to be Saints, by Gordon Smith
  • Creek Mary’s Blood: A Novel, by Dee Brown

Just finished:

  • It’s My Pleasure, by Dee Ann Turner
  • Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist
  • Autumn: A spiritual biography of the season, edited by Gary Schmidt & Susan Felch

Up next:

  • Seven Days That Divide the World, by John Lennox
  • Delighting in the Trinity, by Michael Reeves