Casual Friday Missionary Care Resources

Mar 10, 2017 | Casual Friday, Personal Issues, Thriving, Transition

What do they say about March? In like a lion, out like…? We’ve certainly had that first part; we’ll see if the second half comes to pass. Like life on the mission field, you never know what any given day will bring. That’s why it’s good that global workers have friends like you who care enough to equip themselves with resources like these. Here’s the latest.


Velvet Ashes online retreat. A unique idea with incredible benefits. Make sure all your female missionary friends know about this event coming up the end of April.

Honor-Shame Conference. Do you have friends working in honor-shame cultures? Wish you knew more about that? Equip yourself for deeper interaction and enhanced prayer with this first-of-its-kind conference. To be held June 19-21 at Wheaton College.

Returning Well Groups. Transition is a huge part of missionary life, and it isn’t always easy. Author and coach Melissa Chaplin will be hosting group sessions based on her book by the same name. Scheduled for April and June, some pre-conditions are required.

Novella Retreat. Hosted by Servant Care International in beautiful Millstatt, Austria, September 21-25. Who do you know that works in that part of the world? Let them know about this.

MK ReEntry Seminar 2017. Hosted at Biola University in LaMirada, California, USA, July 16-28. Re-entry events like this are highly recommended for older teens returning to the States.

CareGivers Forum. An excellent opportunity to meet and interact with people like yourself—missionary care providers. To be held at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Ashville, North Carolina, October 29 – November 1.

Interlude. A debriefing retreat for global workers. A time to process your story.” Provided by Barnabas International. June 13-16 in Carmel, IN, USA and July 31-Aug 3 in Littleton, CO, USA.

Thrive Conferences. Held at various places around the world for U.S. and Canadian women who live and work cross-culturally. Check out the upcoming event to be held in Colorado July 18-21. Not only can you pass this information on to missionary women you know who will be in the U.S. this summer, you can volunteer to help at the retreat or help sponsor someone who is going.

Becoming One: Skills for a Lifetime of Love. Hosts Geoff and Kriss Whiteman teach skills that will help couples connect deeply. Missionary couples benefit greatly from periodic marriage enrichment. Contact the Whitemans to see how you could facilitate that for some couple you love.


Singleness on the mission field presents a unique set of challenges. Bethany Duval helps you understand with this article.

How long does culture shock last? Maybe longer than you think. Let Beth Barthelemy explain it to you.

Here are some really good reminders to pass on to your friends on the field. Bethany Bracht talks about belovedness as the foundation for all that we do.

Fear. Every cross-cultural worker faces it. And every cross-cultural worker must learn to press on regardless. Lisa McKay offers these excellent thoughts on the subject.

Stress can do a lot of damage to cross-cultural workers. It can lead to burn out, ruined relationships, failed ministries. Dr. David Livermore offers this helpful advice  for monitoring the effects of stress and then minimizing them.

Jonathan Trotter, missionary pastor in Cambodia, shares four areas to consider for those who want to live well overseas. Spread this one around.

Counselor Kay Bruner talks about three dysfunctional patterns in missionary marriages. You should know about these. So should every married person you know on the field.


Interaction International is “today’s voice for Third Culture Kids and internationally mobile families.” You’ll find lots of useful resources and information on their site. Be sure and check out their upcoming seminars.


Be sure and check out the Returning Well group sessions that Melissa Chaplin is offering above. You probably know someone you should pass this on to.

Want to do something profoundly refreshing for your missionary friends? Next time they are in the States send them to a retreat center like Eden Ridge. I guarantee neither you nor they will regret it.


Aaron Gonyou is a support raising coach. A good one, with lots of experience. That’s why he started Unmuzzled Ox. You’ll find him here.


If you can’t make it to the honor-shame conference mentioned above, you can watch this half hour video that explains the basics. Actually…you should probably watch it even if you can attend the conference.

Want to hone your skills at communicating with your friends on the field? Jennilee Goodwin has 11 suggestions that you’ll want to use.

Amy Medina shares the kind of questions most missionaries would love to have you ask. What new ideas can you find in her article?

Something you will have to face, as one who cares for missionaries, is the pain of hearing their painful stories. Mary DeMuth has some really good things to say to you…and to them.


The Idealist’s Survival Kit: 75 simply ways to avoid burnout. Written for humanitarian workers, this book holds plenty of great insights for cross-cultural workers as well. Why should you have a copy? So you can read it, recommend it, and offer your new insights with your missionary friends. (I just received my copy this week. I’ll let you know what I think.)

Marilyn Gardner has penned another helpful book (Passages Through Pakistan) about what it’s like to grow up on the mission field. Jonathan and Elizabeth Trotter offer this appetizing review.

There you have it…another week’s worth of missionary care resources that you can put to use immediately. May God bless your every effort to that end.