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Jun 2, 2017 | Casual Friday, Personal Issues, Thriving

Anyone else feel like this year is running away with them? Is it really June already? Missionaries are in the process of returning to their passport country in droves. That means you and I have tons of opportunities to care for them using resources like these. And for those who are remaining in their country of service, you’ll find helpful ideas for coming alongside them as well.


Culture stress can have a strange effect on global workers. Every missionary knows to expect it, but not everyone knows how to combat it. Becca has some tested ways that your friends on the field might appreciate.

Take it from Sarita Hartz: running too fast for too long can have serious consequences.

It seems when we are so focused on serving others, we rarely have a value for taking care of our bodies, because we’re too busy taking care of everyone else.

If you are aware of anyone in this category, make sure they read this.

You probably haven’t heard many cross-cultural workers talk about this. Rejection is more common than you’d imagine…and more painful. Sarita offers four ways of dealing with it.

Know anyone working with Muslim converts? They may want to know about this new web site dedicated to people who have become Christians from a background in Islam.

Secure communication has become a major concern for many global workers. More and more apps are available that your friends on the field should know about. And if you are going to be in contact with them, you will need to know about apps like these also.

This blogging missionary expresses what is so real for so many: What do you tell your team “back home?” See if you can discern the greatest need that is behind this piece. Chances are you know someone who needs your input.

Here’s a great site by missionary mothers for missionary mothers (but you can read it, too). It will give you plenty of insight into their world and how you can best interact with them.

Looking for a retreat venue in the Minneapolis area? Check out Venite Ministries.

Hopefully this article will not shock you. Kathleen Shumate pops a bubble that needs to be popped. See if this challenges your understanding of life on the mission field.

Unfiltered encouragement. Interesting concept, no? Lois Flowers explains how you might be of inestimable value to your friend on the mission field.

The world can be a violent and dangerous place. We all get that. What we may not be as clear about is what we as senders need to do to prepare those we send. Zach Bradley offers this timely advice for your church.

Counting the cost. We expect missionaries to do it. But what about us? What cost do we pay as senders? Before we promise to support and pray for someone headed to the field, perhaps we should read this.

Jill Goring offers this “meditation of a tired global woman.” Good stuff to know and remember when you’re praying for your friends in the harvest field.

POMs (parents of missionaries) are also faced with a cost. Perhaps you are one, or know one? This interview with Diane Stortz, author of  Parents of Missionaries: How to Thrive and Stay Connected when Your Children and Grandchildren Serve Cross-Culturally will be an encouragement.

How do your honor your parents when you live on the other side of the world from them? Julie Breuninger has some ideas, and some of them could include you as a missionary advocate.


Since I cannot link you to my email account, I will simply paste this brief article about the causes of missionary attrition. How do you think God would have you respond?

In my research I sought to find out the factors that cause missionary attrition in Africa. I interviewed the missionaries and the sending agencies/churches among others. I found out that there is a strong correlation between missionary care and retention of missionaries; missionary/member care helps to reduce or prevent missionary attrition. Overall, there needs to be a better way to care for missionaries because the work they do is demanding and more so because there are times when they go through emotional, mental and spiritual challenges yet feel as though they have no one to share their struggles with.

During the research, a number of missionaries shared with me that they were not free to share their spiritual challenges with their church or agency administrators for the fear that what they share might be used against them. Therefore, the need for care provided by people who are not perceived to be administrators is needed so that the missionaries can open up for help.

Global Member Care Network (GMCN); March 2017; Reuben Langat, Ph.D., Associate Director,Heart of Africa

In this newsletter from Advance Global Coaching, Sherri Dodd offers some very practical ways to enhance your missionary care efforts. You should also check out their coaching services – a great gift for any missionary you love.

Zach Bradley contributes these practical ways to structure your church’s missionary care program.


Today’s technology is great for keeping missionaries connected with family and supporters. But there can be some challenges where young children are involved during a Facetime or Skype call. These tips from Lisa McKay will help.


Support Raising Solutions offers lots of good advice on the topic of raising support. They also have training events that you might want to send your new missionary friend to attend.


As many are preparing to return for a season of home assignment, now is the time to plan for debriefing.

The goal of missionary debriefing is to ensure these faithful servants are REFRESHED and REALIGNED–for the next season of life and ministry that God has in store for them. (Shepherd’s Staff)

Recalibrate! is one opportunity for singles, couples, and families with children age 13 and up. It will be held in Michigan in October, and early registration is advised.

Want to help a missionary be able to attend? You can create a social media fundraising page by clicking here.

July 9-14 is TRAIN International’s next ABIDE re-entry debriefing for global workers. ABIDE provides 5 days during which participants are able to process their cross-cultural experiences in both group and individual debriefing. Whole families are welcome

MK Transition seminars: “The Barnabas International TCK/MK Transition Seminars are designed for third-culture kids (TCKs) and missionary kids (MKs) who have just completed their high school experience overseas.” Two opportunities this year: July 9-21 at Cedarville University, Ohio, and July 16-28 at Biola University, California.

Interlude Debriefing Retreat, sponsored by Barnabas International. For singles, couples, and families. July 31 – August 3 in Littleton, Colorado.

That should give you plenty to peruse for this week. Thank you for allowing God to use you in the lives of his harvest workers.

What I’m reading this week:

  • Winston S. Churchill: Youth, 1874-1900, by Randolph S. Churchill
  • Breaking the Rules, by Fil Anderson
  • How to Lie With Statistics, by Darrell Huff

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  • The Cure, by John Lynch
  • Communicating For Change, by Andy Stanley
  • The Dip, by Seth Godin

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