Casual Friday Missionary Care Resources

Feb 10, 2017 | Casual Friday, Transition

I honestly get excited every week, as I am compiling these resources, to think that there are people like you who will be using them. Here are 15 practical ways that you can help missionaries stay on the job.


Midwest Conference on Missionary Care: Hard Pressed But Not Crushed: Caring for Missionaries Under Pressure February 17-18 in Minneapolis. It’s not too late to register for this, but today (February 10) is the last day.

Mind the Gaps “How do we engage the whole congregation in missionary care? This webinar will help churches promote the well-being, growth, effectiveness, and resilience of career missionaries through meeting their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.”

Interlude A debriefing retreat for global workers. A time to process your story.” Provided by Barnabas International. June 13-16 in Carmel, IN, USA and July 31-Aug 3 in Littleton, CO, USA.


Anisha Hopkinson’s candor will help you understand what your friends go through when preparing for home assignment.

The folks at Encompass Life Coaching wrote this helpful piece about dealing with transition. Pass this on to those you know who will be experiencing change in the near future.


Where’s home? That question is hard enough for an adult to answer; MKs (missionary kids) may struggle even more. Danielle Wheeler shares how her family has been impacted, and how she helped her six-year-old daughter cope with it.

Want to expand your children’s understanding of other cultures? They could be really effective “care givers” to the MKs they meet! Here is a great resource to assist you in broadening their horizons.


Ever wonder what it’s like running a household in a foreign country? Bethany Judd talks about one aspect: buying groceries.

Here’s a communications platform that your friends on the field might be interested in. It’s called Telegram. Pass this along to those who need the security of an encrypted system.

Hurry up and wait! That so often seems to be the way of life on the mission field. Jennilee Goodwin offers some great ideas for making the most of those waiting times. I’ll bet you know someone who would appreciate this.

The power of coaching in spiritual formation—that’s what Jackie Scott talks about in this post. Want to see missionaries growing on the field? Consider how you might be able to facilitate this for someone you know.


Burnout. It is far more prevalent on the field than we’d like to imagine. How can you help protect your favorite missionaries? Read this article from the Harvard Business Review on why some people are less vulnerable than others.

Closely related to burnout is exhaustion. Scott Shaum is seeing it everywhere he goes. Maybe you are exhausted? Give this post some serious thought and consider who you know who might benefit from it.

Let’s face it: our world can be a dangerous place. Missionaries are more likely than ever to experience some sort of trauma on the field. This brief video explains what happens to a person’s brain when they’ve experienced trauma. It will help you understand your friend who has been traumatized. (As a side note: Don’t ever try to do what trained professionals do in helping such people. Your role is most likely to just be there for them.)

Kay Bruner has started a series on building your own library of care resources. You don’t need to be a professional counselor (like she is) to make use of these. This installment looks at personal emotional development. I am eager to see the rest of this series.

Here’s a challenging thought:

Member care exists because community doesn’t. (Christina Baird)

Missionary attrition is a huge problem…and you are a huge part of the solution! Thank you for allowing God to use you. See you next week.

What I’m reading this week:

  • Seven Days That Divide the World, by John Lennox
  • You Are What You Love, by James Smith
  • Delighting in the Trinity, by Michael Reeves
  • Accelerate, by John Kotter

Just finished:

  • Phaedo, by Plato
  • Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, an anthology
  • Crito, by Plato
  • Called to be Saints, by Gordon Smith

Up next:

  • Life of the Beloved, by Henri Nouwen
  • The Golden Sayings of Epictetus