Casual Friday Missionary Care Resources

Apr 13, 2018 | Blog, Casual Friday

Plenty of practical ways to enhance your missionary care skills packed into this week’s roundup. Whatever else you do this weekend, take time to snag these new resources. Then put them to use at your earliest opportunity.



Paradox is part and parcel of all our lives. But it is perhaps a sharper contrast for those who serve cross-culturally. Situations can be, simultaneously, painful and hope-filled. Marilyn Gardner does a good job of using AND in this piece about waiting.


In addition to paradoxes in abundance, missionary life can be filled with myriad uncertainties. Often a clear picture is unavailable, or pieces seem to be missing that are necessary to complete the picture. Dorette talks about how to handle the missing pieces. Maybe you know someone who would appreciate her thoughts?


God intends for missionaries to continue growing while they are on the field. His methods may be surprising, as this article by Scott Shaum suggests. This is worth forwarding to your friends on the mission field.


Self-care is one of the most important and most neglected aspects of longevity on the mission field. Cosette Greeno urges proper attention to physical and spiritual hygiene.


How is it with your soul? Has anyone ever asked you that question? Have you ever asked a missionary that question? This piece by Ruth Haley Barton was written with leaders in mind, but it applies equally to cross-cultural workers. You will benefit as much from it as the people you forward it to.


May I get personal for a minute? There are any number of issues that missionaries struggle with that are unique to their calling and location. But some are common to us all. Infertility is a heart-wrenching situation that happens on the field just as it does here. Emily Thomas has the courage to talk about it in this podcast over at Taking Route.


We all know that laughter is good for the soul. When was the last time your missionary friend took a laugh break? Emily Jackson has some great ideas for stress-busting humor breaks.


Bonnie Gray offers three simple soul care tips that will help your missionary friends refresh themselves. You might want to use them yourself.


Taxes – ugh! Am I right? While this may be a bit late for this year (unless you file for an extension) it is worth bookmarking for next year. Taxes For Expats comes highly recommended by veteran missionaries. Take a peek.




“Have you been on the field for a while now, but need to raise funds again this summer? Do you know what it is to fundraise, but could use a reminder of opportunities unique to your current funding needs?

We’re going to look at three areas:
1. How to increase funding from your current newsletter list, including segmenting.
2. Important things to consider when connecting with new churches and their staff.
3. Making a plan for fundraising over the summer, even if you haven’t kept in touch with your partners in the last few weeks, or… years.”


A newsletter every month? Are you serious?! Fundraising coach Drew Foote is totally serious, and he tells you why and how to pull it off. Perfect for today’s tech-saturated environment.




Adult TCK Lauren Wells posted 10 questions to routinely ask missionary kids. While written with parents in mind, you can ask many of these questions yourself when you have the privilege of interacting with a TCK.


Another adult MK, Joy Smalley, asks some insightful yet challenging questions for parents on the mission field. Who do you know that would benefit from reading this?




The folks at Interaction International are offering a transition seminar for TCKs returning to the U.S. It will be held in Colorado Springs, CO from July 21 through July 27.


Here’s an intensive debriefing opportunity from the folks at Sanctuary Inn, June 21-23. The venue is a beautiful lodge at the foot of Mt Hood, Oregon. Please note that this event will not be able to accommodate children.


Sometimes the best encouragement is simply found in being together. Thrive retreats provide counseling, massage therapy, small group interaction, worship and prayer time, beauty care, and speaker sessions for women in cross-cultural ministry—all for $125! There is one coming up in Colorado in July, and one in the Philippines in October. Who would you like to send?


Elim retreats, a ministry of Barnabas, International, are held twice a year. “It is our heart to provide spiritual care to each missionary or global worker that participates in order to promote a time of rest, renewal, and restoration.” The next one is scheduled for June 10-15 in Wisconsin.




What does it take to become a good friend to a missionary? These researchers from the University of Kansas have a pretty good handle on that. Already consider yourself a close friend? Note the tool mentioned in the article for evaluating your relationships.


What do you do when a missionary with whom you have partnered quits being a missionary? Do you know how they feel about it? What they deal with? Marilyn Gardner’s excellent article will help you understand. Sooner or later you will know a “failed missionary.”


The third edition of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Cultures is now available. Even if you have an earlier version, this would be a justifiable expenditure. New material on the impact of technology on TCKs, cultural complexity, diversity and inclusion, and frequent transitions.


That’s it for this week. May the Lord of the harvest satisfy the desires of his heart in and through each of you, as you serve as expressions of his nurture and love.



What I’m reading this week:

  • Spring: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, Gary Schmidt, ed.
  • How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth, by Gordon Fee
  • Emotionally Healthy Leaders, by Peter Scazzero
  • Winston S. Churchill: World in Torment: 1916-1922, by Martin Gilbert

Just finished reading:

  • The Sin of Certainty, by Peter Enns
  • Your Best Year Ever, by Michael Hyatt
  • Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, Gary Schmidt, ed.
  • The Emotionally Healthy Woman, by Gerri Scazzero (read with my wife)
  • Experiencing Grief, by H. Norman Wright
  • Terrific! Five Star Customer Service, by Stan Toler & Keith Hawk