Casual Friday Compendium of Care Resources

Jan 19, 2018 | Blog, Casual Friday, Missionary Care

Can you believe we are already three weeks into the new year? In that amount of time we have had temperatures all the way from 60 above to 10 below, with a few snow storms thrown in for good measure. A reminder for those of us engaged in caring for missionaries that their world is often just as volatile. The value of a consistently warm house and hot meals is hard to overstate in this weather, just like the value of your consistently warm care and spiritual nourishing for your friends on the field.



“What is it you do here?” That is a question missionaries hear on a regular basis, and answering it can be tiring. Krista Horn reflects on how that relates to her role as a mother.

Doing and accomplishing is a high value in our American culture but not necessarily in this one.

Pray for your friends as they struggle to keep “being” ahead of “doing.”


In Eugene Peterson’s rendering of Matthew 11 he has Jesus talk about “the unforced rhythms of grace,” the essence of rest. Such rhythms can be hard to establish on the mission field. Jenilee Goodwin offers some simple yet effective ways to make that happen. Your friends on the field need to see this.


One of the simplest (yet least-employed) techniques for reducing stress is napping. And as this article shows, stress reduction is but one of several major benefits. It even talks about the best napping techniques. Spread this one around (after you take a nap).


Don’t share this article with anyone you think won’t appreciate being convicted. Page Cvelich dares to talk about something that all too often produces stagnation and spiritual anemia in global workers. Read it if you dare; share it if you care.


What if rest were the first order of the day? That’s the concept Amanda Beck explores in this post about the Hebrew framing of a day. I think there are some profound things to explore here. What do you think?




Dr. Anna Hampton continues to pour out helpful, thought-provoking posts on the topic of risk. This piece on the role of emotions in risk assessment is a prime example.

Emotions can be reasonable just as Reason can be emotional.

While you’re on her site, you should look around a bit. You’ll find tons of good stuff on everything related to risk assessment and management.





“We cannot transition without mess.” That may be a bit of an understatement. Transition is a way of life for missionaries. Every global worker you know would benefit from your informed prayers as they navigate.

I wondered if spontaneous combustion really happens because I could swear my heart was going to explode.

Ruth’s “Snapshots of Transition” will give you a realistic insight into the mess and pressure of preparing for home assignment.





MK retreat, sponsored by Compass Ministries, February 16-18.

Come join us and experience a weekend of deep worship and meaningful connections with your fellow MK/TCKs. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Epworth in St. Simon’s Island.


It’s time to register for the annual Midwest Conference on Missionary Care to be held February 23-24 in the Minneapolis area. The topic: The promise and peril of team life. You won’t find a better bargain!


Know anyone who has recently returned from the field? They may want to know about the re-entry debriefing program offered by Train International. The next event will be February 18-23 in Joplin, Missouri.


Train International also offers a pre-field program that addresses spiritual formation, personal identity, stress management, and interpersonal conflict (among many other topics). All vital for those heading into cross-cultural work. Their next event will be April 23-May 6. You can find more information here.


ReBoot is a re-entry program for MKs 17-35. Two opportunities to choose, and a special wilderness experience option. Spread the word to any Canadian missionary families you know.





Are you a good friend? Steve Macchia offers a long list of what that might involve. When I read it I think, that is exactly what missionaries need: good friends. Maybe his post will challenge you…


This handy article from InteleTravel identifies five common mistakes related to passports that can put a crimp in your travel. You should know these, and so should the new global workers that you are helping to prepare for the field.


Do you know how the new missionary with whom you are working will respond to culture shock when they arrive in their host country? Naomi Reed’s book Over My Shoulder could help you to understand how personality plays into that.



Thank you for making yourself available to be God’s co-carer and true partners with those global workers he has placed in your path. May the faithfulness of his care cascade over you and spill onto those around you.



What I’m reading this week:

  • The Emotionally Healthy Woman, by Gerri Scazzero (reading with my wife)
  • Winston S. Churchill: World in Torment: 1916-1922, by Martin Gilbert
  • The Uninvited Companion, by Scott Shaum
  • Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, Gary Schmidt, ed.

Just finished reading:

  • Messianic Christology, by Arnold Fruchtenbaum
  • Those Who Wait, by Tanya Marlow
  • The Case for Christmas, by Lee Strobel

Up next:

  • Consider Your Calling, by Gordon Smith
  • Emotionally Healthy Leaders, by Peter Scazzero
  • Living Far Away, by Esther Abbott
  • Moving Far Away, by Esther Abbott