It’s a beautiful Fall day as I write. Tempting to lay this aside and go take a walk outdoors. But I want to make sure you get the latest batch of missionary care resources because I know how much you care for your friends working cross-culturally. So here you go. (Maybe I can take a walk tomorrow.)


It happens to every missionary who stays on the field for more than a few months. Blending. The mixing of one’s culture of origin with the adopted culture. What Rachel Carson calls a cultural patchwork. This is written for your friends who are global workers.

Have any friends on the mission field who are expecting a baby? You may want to let them know about this book. You might want to read it yourself.

Some days are like that. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. That’s how Anisha Hopkinson described a recent time in her life. I bet many of your partners on the field will enjoy this humorous piece.

Healing in the heaviness. Sara Mae’s post about depression could be just what your global worker friend needs to hear right now. Go ahead—read it, then forward it.

Where less is more. Like so many articles, this one is good for you and for those you care about in cross-cultural work. Jennilee Goodwin tackles the subject of stewardship in a high-stress environment.


When your roots get pulled up. Sarah’s post will resonate with your friends going through transition, so share it with them.

Five essentials for a winning transition. Free download from Encompass Lifecoaching. Get one for yourself, then tell all your missionary friends.


Adequate pre-field training is a proven deterrent to premature departure from ministry. Here is an excellent one-week intensive coming to Louisville, KY in January.

Coming to Peoria, Illinois November 16-19, the International Conference On Missions (ICOM) will include a missionary care track. You should consider attending. Check out their Event page for more details.

Know anyone ministering in Haiti? (Who doesn’t?!) A very difficult place to work, to say the least. Chances are they would benefit from the resources of Zoe Roots, including retreats.

MissionPREP offers pre-field training as well as debriefing. Their next debriefing event will be in December and is based on the DAR program at MTI.

Here’s another debriefing opportunity hosted by CIT (Center for Intercultural Training). It will be held in North Carolina in December.

Coming up November 16: a webinar entitled Missionary Accountability and Missionary Care: Both/And, Not Either/Or. I’m signed up; should you be?

Radiant Life Retreat to be held in Grand Rapids, MI this December. A debrief and wellness experience for cross-cultural workers.


How not to be unhelpful. Know anyone working in a high-risk venue? Anna has some advice on how you should interact with them.

Mental health on the field: An interview with Dr. Barney Davis. This is so good—worthy of several special posts here in the future. You need to read this.

You want to help. You want to come alongside those who are grieving, but you don’t want to get sucked into their grief. You will benefit from this article by Dr. Henry Cloud.

You want to help your grieving friend, but you don’t know what to say. Nancy Guthrie offers this video and article about overcoming awkwardness.

How to reach out to someone who is struggling. (And believe me, your missionary friends will struggle at times!) I know this is not from a Christian author, but his advice is really sound. Intrigued? Good.

6.5 myths about expat life. That’s actually the title of Rachel Pieh Jones’ recent post. Which of these have you believed?

Until next week, relish God’s grace, revel in your relationship with the Trinity, and continue to believe that your joy will spill over onto those friends.

New on my nightstand (books that arrived this week):

  • The Mood Elevator, by Larry Senn
    Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge
    All Things New, by John Eldredge
    The Search for Significance (updated version), by Robest McGee
    Altar Ego, by Craig Groeschel

What I’m reading this week:

  • Moving Far Away, by Esther Abbott
    Winston S. Churchill: World in Torment: 1916-1922, by Martin Gilbert
    Consider Your Calling, by Gordon Smith
    Autumn (an anthology)

Just finished reading:

  • The Space Between Words, by Michele Phoenix
    Th!nk, by Michael LeGault
    Writing a Winning Support Letter, by Mike Kim
    Winston S. Churchill: The Challenge of War, 1914-1916, by Martin Gilbert
    Not There Yet, by Perry Noble

Up next:

  • Emotionally Healthy Leaders, by Peter Scazzero
    Living Far Away, by Esther Abbott


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