Casual End of an Era Friday

Apr 24, 2020 | Blog, Casual Friday

This week I received an email that gave me pause. (Given the fact the I typically wade through several hundred emails a day, one that stops me in my tracks is remarkable.) This organization had just complete a national survey of how churches are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what they said about the results:

  • “When asked about their workload, 60% of pastors have experienced a significant increase in busynessover the past month in spite of being more isolated.
  • 60% of respondents indicated feeling oversaturated with the volume of content they are receiving.

Personally, my inbox and social feeds are more bloated than ever. It’s hard to imagine going even one day without a single Zoom call. Yet, this is the current reality we’re all facing together.”

I have experienced the same thing, and I would guess that you have too. As much as you might desire to learn about how to provide good care for the missionaries in your life, you probably don’t need (or have time for) another blog post full of content.

So, because I have been pondered for several months already whether to continue curating Casual Friday resources, I finally made a decision. After 6 years of posting one to two dozen links, I will switch to posting on our Face Book page as soon as I can after discovering them.

Meanwhile, I will continue to use this page to give you meatier articles that will have direct application to missionary care. And I will continue to mention (and possibly review) books on the topic.

So—thank you for a great run. Please do check out our Facebook page, like it, and interact with us at your pleasure.

For Deeper Thought

(Longer reads or chewier subjects for you to muse on)

Many people are beginning to write about the consequences of isolation/quarantine/shelter-in-place/lockdown measures that currently control a huge percentage of our lives. Dr. Curt Thompson’s article is perhaps the best I’ve read from both a psychological and Christian perspective. Read it. Think about how you might be affected, and think about how the missionaries you know might be affected. How might that change the way you interact with them? Pray for them?


This sermon was delivered long before we were all forced to slow down. In light of what pastor John Mark Comer has to say on the topic of hurry, the cloud of corona crisis actually has a silver lining. How will you take to heart his admonition? What might you want to share with your missionary acquaintances?


Book Recommendations

(Useful titles to have on your m’care bookshelf)

A couple of books by Dr. Curt Thompson have a home in my library. You might want them for yours. The first one, The Anatomy of the Soul, explores the connections between neuroscience and spiritual disciplines. The second book, The Soul of Shame, deals with the stories we believe about ourselves. You will find both to be helpful in understanding yourself as well as your missionary friends better.


As always, thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook!