Jun 26, 2012

Book Review: Cross-Cultural Conflict

Book Review: Cross-Cultural Conflict

Cross-Cultural Conflict
Building Relationships for Effective Ministry
Duane Elmer
IVP 1993


Book Review: Cross-Cultural Conflict

Conflict between co-workers is a common source of stress for most missionaries. But when one’s co-workers are from a different culture, the stress can be compounded.

Duane Elmer is a professor at TEDS and an expert on cross-cultural matters. Drawing from his own experiences as well as those of many others, Dr. Elmer presents a very practical guide for navigating the tricky waters of cross-cultural interaction.

There is an emphasis on Asian and Hispanic cultures, but the principles invoked are universal and solidly biblical. Through patient listening, constant learning, and continual clarification, cross-cultural teammates can move beyond misunderstandings to truly productive synergy.

As with Duane’s other books, this one is “cheap at any price.” It is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, but what it covers it covers well. Every cross-cultural missionary and every missionary advocate should be familiar with what this book has to say.

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